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Home Inspection

A home inspection is an inspection of a home...usually a home that is being purchased.

The purpose of the inspection is to determine the condition of the various systems and structures of the home.

While an inspection performed by a competent inspection company will determine the condition of the major components of the home, no inspection will pick up every minute latent defect.

The inspector’s ability to find all defects is limited by access to various parts of the property, lack of information about the property and many other factors.

A good inspector will do his or her level best to determine the condition of the home and to report it accurately.

The report that is issued is an opinion as to the condition of the home. This opinion is arrived at by the best technical methods available to the home inspection industry. It is still only an opinion.

If purchasing a property or thinking about selling and you want to see what repairs may be needed at the property, the best way to research home inspection companies in your area is to "search" for them and be sure to read client reviews and remarks on the local Better Business Bureau websites. Also be sure to compare prices based on what the companies offer and to rule out the "add on's" you don't really need. Your reason to get a home inspection is simple - it's to see if there are any major problems associated with a property that will cost you upon purchase or in the near future. Do your homework. Don't just rely on someone else's recommendation.

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