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Foreclosure Relief

Most homeowners in foreclosure don't know that they may have options available to them to help them save their home from foreclosure.

To understand the phases of foreclosure, please review the tabs "Foreclosures" and "Foreclosure Timelines".

The general foreclosure process in California allows homeowners approximately 111 days to cure their loan default to avoid foreclosure.

Once a homeowner has received the "Notice of Trustee Sale", they only have 21 days to cure the default.

This notice informs the homeowner that they must pay off your mortgage loan or the property may be sold at public auction.

A lot of homeowners panic when they get this notice. They think their situation is hopeless.

Some homeowners just pack up and move out. Some file bankruptcy, just to stay in the house longer. They do not realize that the process only prolongs their misery. Bankruptcy does not allow them to wipe out mortgage debt and keep the property. The mortgage remains on the property after bankruptcy and the lender will still require payment before they will release their lien. So what did the homeowner gain? They got to stay in the property a little longer but they paid a hefty price for that. They may pay thousands to an attorney to do the filing and they'll be stuck with a bankruptcy on their credit file for 10 years.

Instead of doing this, please call us as we have a solution that has helped many homeowners to save their property from foreclosure, give them time to remain in their property during the process and give them cash to move on when the process is finalized. The amount of time a homeowner can remain in the property depends on the type of process we have to go thru.

Our investors can make you an offer to purchase the property with 24 hours of your contacting us. We'll open escrow and notify your lender and that you are selling the home to pay off their loan. Since the lender is not wanting to foreclose and take back the property and have to deal with it after you move out, they will usually postpone the trustee sale to give us time to close.

If the property has equity in it, we'll work to make sure you receive part of your equity at closing. The process takes approximately 45-60 days from the time you meet with us.

If your property has no equity in it, you'll receive an offer to purchase the property for an amount that will pay off your loan in full. This is called a short sale. Your lender will agree to take the amount we offer as full payoff of your loan and your lender will pay all your closing costs. This process takes anywhere from 60-70 days from the time you meet with us.

Either way you sell your property, you'll be able to remain in the property through the escrow and closing period and we'll do our best to negotiate for you to receive cash to move on.

Please call us so we can help you. It doesn't matter if you've tried to sell your home through a realtor for months. We work differently. We'll do all the work to open escrow, negotiate with your lender and close escrow so you can move on with a clean slate and cash in your pocket.

Call and tell us you want help to sell your house and get your trustee sale postponed so you can save your home from foreclosure.


* The Borrower (home owner) may object to a trustee sale being held for any number of reasons. One reason may be that the owner feels that in their case the foreclosure proceeding were not followed per the legal guidelines set in place to protect homeowners against their property being foreclosed on.

We actually help homeowners to verify that guidelines were properly followed when their lender set their property for sale on the trustee sale date (which is disclosed on the "Notice Of Trustee Sale", which the owner receives 21 days before the sale date.)

We also help homeowners to verify their loan details are accurate.

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