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Buying a home is one of the major purchase decisions of your life; therefore, it's important to be an informed buyer. The following information will help you better understand the buying process and assist you in your efforts.

Search For properties on our website by clicking the tab "Property Search" and let us know if you need our help to act as your Buyer's agent to help you view the inside of any of the properties you see and to help you make your offer.

Note: To be qualified to place an offer on a property, the buyer needs to have been "pre-approved" by a lender for a loan to purchase the property (unless you are paying cash for the property).

Most sellers won't consider any offers from a buyer that cannot submit this letter with their offer.

The buyer can have the lender give them the loan pre-approval letter stating that they have verified the buyer's funds for the deposit. This would save the buyer from having to show their confidential banking information up front. 

Pre-approval means the buyer has gone through the loan process with the lender who will fund the loan. The lender states they have viewed the buyer's credit, income, employment, funds available for the deposit, etc. and agree to fund a loan for the buyer for the maximum amount of x, based on a down payment of x, and a maximum purchase price of x, contingent upon viewing the property, value and title information on the property the buyer wants to purchase. With this letter in hand, the buyer can view properties in the price range stated in the letter, knowing the lender has pre-approved them for the loan.

The buyer will feel confident in knowing all they have to do now is find the property that's right for them.

The seller will feel confident that if they accept the buyer's offer, they will have a buyer who can secure their loan and close escrow on time.

This is what gets offers accepted!

To find out how much you would pay monthly for a loan to purchase a property, click the tab on the left panel titled "Mortgage Loans". Here you can put in a projected purchase price (based on your property search). Next, put in a down payment percentage based on the amount of money you have for a down payment. Next, you'll need to put in a typical interest rate you would pay. The system is defaulted to 4% but you can change this. Next, it will show how many years you'll pay this loan. The form is defaulted for 30 years but you can change this. That's it! Now it will let you know what your approximately monthly payment would be based on the criteria you put into the form.

Happy hunting and let us know if we can help you purchase your new home!

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